Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You know your a nerd when (part 2)

31) Three Words make your day "Triple...Word...Score". Oh yeah.

32) You hear someone say the word "mole" and instantly think of chemistry, not the small furry creature

33) You can prove Girls are Evil using an equation (see discussion board for details)

34) You tell science jokes like "One ion says to the other: 'I think i've lost an electron.' The other ion replies 'Are you positive?'" (hilarious xD)

35) You play/have played Dungeons and Dragons

36) You love Star Wars or Star Trek (You may also have argued over which is the best)

37) You get slightly overexcited upon receiving a book entitled "English words and their spelling - a history of phonological conflict" or something similarly geeky :)

38) You love "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" facts

39) You can insult people with terminology specific to geeky subjects

40) You say "May the force be with you!" instead of "Good luck"

41) You have an unhealthy addiction to Tetris, Bejewelled or Pac-Man

42) If you've ever shouted keyboard commands at somebody because they insist on finding the copy button (or similar) on the toolbar

43) You watch The Big Bang Theory and get the jokes

44) You understand this joke: "I'll have a pie"
"That'll be £3.14!"

45) You will go out of your way to do something long and intricate for people (like producing a list of your records), not just when 'you have the time' or 'if you're bored', but because you want to help people whilst feeling clever in the process :)

46) You love Athens, Moussaka and the Mediterranean Sea...oh wait sorry, wrong group!

47) You use obscure historical dates as PINs or lock combinations

48) If whenever you see 'etc.' you feel the urge to say et cetera with proper latin pronunciation

49) You wonder what would happen if E=mc³

50) You love speaking like Yoda because it makes you feel cool

51) You can't wait for the next episode of Doctor Who

52) You know Pi to a few too many decimal places e.g. to 14: 3.14159265358979

53) You speak Klingon

54) You know that there are only 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't

55) All your CDs, Books, DVDs etc. are in alphabetical order

56) Your only participation in sports is when you play them on your console (this may not apply to all geeks!)

57) You've argued about how to pronounce "Yoshi"

58) Every time you pick up a ruler, or similar long thin object, you pretend it's a lightsaber

59) Your Physics teacher hates you because whenever he/she says "Force" you say "The Force is strong in this one"

60) You know what TARDIS stands for


  1. I used to have a friend and we'd argue about how to pronounce Yoshi...also how to pronounce Ryu. I'm such a nerd.

  2. Lost my combo in 52 i'm not that of a math geek

  3. the force is strong with this one

  4. I encompass a lot of these attributes. That picture, it looks somewhat like my uncle in the 80's with the TRS-80 computer (we always called it the TRASH-80 :)