Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Im back!

Ive been away for the last 4 months and im back now and hopefully be able to go on this everyday!

Since I have been away I have played a lot of skyrim and modern warfare 3. I know many people dislike mw3 but I got it as a present for Christmas and decided to give it a go. The spawns are terrible its not uncommon to spawn with an enemy and then you've got the people who stay in the corner the entire game waiting for you to walk by. Besides all that I seem to enjoy the game for short periods of time until I start to rage and throw in Skyrim. Skyrim is not so much a video game as a work of art the scenery as you walk through the game really isn't anything but spectacular. Im playing it on my ps3 would love to have got it for a high powered pc!