Monday, 5 September 2011

You know your a nerd when (part 1)

1) You hate bad spelling and punctuation, especially on Facebook groups

2) You get annoyed when people use the wrong version of there/their/they’re or to/too/two

3) You have any classical music on your iPod/MP3

4) You enjoy a friendly board game like Scrabble or Cluedo

5) You’ve ever achieved an A grade without trying

6) You’ve ever quoted a Sci-Fi film

7) You watch Have I Got News For You because “it’s interesting as well as funny!”

8) You watch QI (nothing wrong with this btw!)

9) You regularly pay attention to the news

10) You look forward to exam results

11) You’ve ever fallen about laughing at something in a textbook which wasn’t graffiti and didn’t involve the words ‘penis’, ‘vagina’ or ‘erection’

12) All your ‘fun facts’ include references to other facts

13) You have ‘fun facts’

14) You like ‘fun facts’

15) You’ve ever yelled “OWNED!” (or similar) in someone’s face after consulting a dictionary/thesaurus

16) You can identify all 7 continents on a world map

17) You knew there were 7 continents

18) You know who came up with E = mc² 

19) You can name more than 5 British politicians

20) You know who Nick Griffin is and why he’s a c**t)

21)  You can combine sarcasm with subtlety 

22) You can pronounce subtlety properly

23) You enjoy the odd tongue twister or witty limerick

24) You’ve had an in-depth discussion with your teacher about a particularly interesting point you made in your work

25) You’ve bothered to have an argument with an idiot on a FB discussion board because they're so wrong it's actually painful

26) If you can't figure out a new text abbreviation you get really annoyed and end up Google-ing it rather than having to ask someone

27) You still get kicks from playing Pokemon, Mario, Sonic or other old school nintendo/sega games (Y)

28) You try to add up stupid numbers in your head before going to find a calculator

29) You comment on how scientifically or historically inaccurate films and TV programmes are

30) You insult chavs with words they don't understand                                                                                                    


  1. Yep definitely a nerd... Followed your blog.

  2. Im feeling... sad, I dont want to be a nerd-o

  3. I love playing pokemon, how many times a day do you get to conquer a whole region with magical animals that you can fight other people with?