Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RIP zyzz

I was upset when everybodys favorite amateur bodybuilder died, zyzz. They found him in a sauna and said he died of cardiac arrest brought on by an underlying condition that was undiscovered i however am a bit skeptical about this, is dying at 22 really the price of becoming aesthetically perfect? Im guessing zyzz's steroid use had a part to play in this, however i think everyone who wants to look like him should just train and eat well, no you wont look like zyzz but everyone has the potential to make themselves better and higher there life expectany rather than shortening it. Zyzz i be mirin

cod mw3 or bf3?

Video games can often cause conflict between each other, in the same way that you will get people loyal to one games console criticizing another. Two huge up and coming games which both have these loyal fans behind them are Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Both of these games are pedigree first person shooters and come from a highly proven franchise with their predecessors showing just how well these games sell and how amazing they are. And with a background like this, both games will have a lot to live up to. However because both of these titles are very highly anticipated, they will have no trouble flying off the shelves come this Christmas – the real question is which of these games will come out on top and be the best seller in the festive period.
Modern Warfare 3 comes from the series of call of duty modern warfare games from Infinity ward. Many people know that Treyarch also have a say in titles from the series every other year, such as World at War and Black ops – but these games are not as good as the ones that come from the studios of Infinity Ward. So with it being time this year for Infinity Ward to take their turn at creating a game, and also the pressures coming from Battlefield 3, this game is going to be huge, and from the hype already surrounding mw3 you can be sure of a quality title.
The Battlefield series is not as well known as the Call of Duty series by the general public; however it does have a very loyal following by their fans who will constantly criticize other games within this genre. The game play on Battlefield is a lot more difficult than that of Call of Duty – where anyone can pick up the controller and within a few hours of game play can be having fun both on and offline, whereas in Battlefield the game play is hugely tactical, and it is pretty much set in stone that as soon as you go onto the game for the first time; you are going to be killed by the hardcore fan boys. While the fact that the game is hard and it takes a while to get good at may be beneficial to some people, others will only want to play on a game where they can pick it up and play like everyone else; which is something the Modern Warfare developers have perfected to the tee.
We think that Modern Warfare 3 will be the best selling game of Christmas 2011 because of its sheer popularity, and many people already have the addiction that the online gaming side of the previous games has given them. Many people already know that one of the hardest things about the Call of Duty series is being able to put the controller down because you often find yourself playing so well; in Battlefield 3 however, this will not be the case, and the hardcore players may very well scare off the noobs.